Cryptokitties Is Embracing Open Source

Cryptokitties is implementing to decentralize its Ethereum application. The app also looks forward to loosening controls on the game’s lines of code by giving user’s rights. Cryptokitties will provide its API and gameplay smart contracts in the kitty verse as open source. It will also update user agreements to make them more lenient as well as stake the Nifty license that will help introduce player right’s contract.

Cryptokitties was not initially decentralized

The app, which was launched at the end of 2017 was reported to have more than 180,000 players signed up with it. The players are said to have spent about $20 million in the blockchain’s ether. $114,481.59 worth of digital cats was also sold. Despite the huge success, Cryptokitties has received criticism for not being completely decentralized. Cryptokitties promised to decentralize the system but also warned of the aftermath of decentralizing the network, such as the difficulty to use it. The platform also noted that it was not only improving the system for end-users but also developers. Cryptokitties communication officer, Afri Sheodon pointed out that the old terms of services were discriminative to players who contributed to the development of the game. Most of the of the app’s features like the complex battle options were created by outsiders and the Nifty License gives them rights to their intellectual property. The main disadvantage arising from the game’s decentralized nature is the loss of one’s assets in case their account is deleted. For a centralized gaming platform, a player would carry their holdings if they decided to cancel their account.

Open Source and Development

The Nifty License will now give developers an equal opportunity for developing subsequent Cryptokitties versions. The platform hopes to disintegrate itself as any form of central authority so that it would not compromise the value of the game and the entire platform’s community as well. Cryptokitties is also looking ahead on building decentralized data centers from the idea of Interplanetary File System (IPFS) or Filecoin.

Developer Funding

The program will also launch another program called the Nifty Kitty Program. The program will give independent developer teams the opportunity to apply for loans and grants to fund their contribution to Cryptokitties. The platform will welcome all skilled developers with the ability to code the network’s Ethereum smart contracts. Some teams have been selected to benefit from the program, and the company is still open to more. The platform has however instructed that the startups will not own or manage what they build if they are beneficiaries of the Nifty Kitty initiative.

Final Remarks

The fact that Cryptokitties is stepping up their game to add value to the platform has raised hope for additional functionalities. The developments also create an avenue for improvement of the user’s gameplay experience. It also seems that Cryptokitties is keeping in mind that outsiders could contribute to the application’s success and that is why it is inspired to build sustainable revenue options for independent developers.

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