The World Cup Mentality Crucial For Ripple (XRP) As It Aims To Win Race For The Global Payments

As early as February 12, 2018, Ripple had an article in detail of how the successes of teams that qualified to this year’s elite competition are similar to global financial advancements. Whichever way one might look at it, the fact literally is in it and that why ripple had to retweet it again just to be sure of ones attention.

According to Ripple, they believe that if only financial institutions agree to adopt the strategies that these countries use to prepare to get to the world cup then everything will be a win-win. The financial industry truly needs innovation of first class and Ripple believes they are the one for that responsibility.

Teams from all the continents are given an opportunity to compete in the world cup and it all starts with preparations-they have to qualify not picked randomly. Countries that succeeded to make to the completion had good preparation in terms of the tools necessary on the stadiums, the youth leagues and also financial support.

As well, the banking systems need this preparation. Instant solutions are needed which are transparent as well. They should not rely on traditional global payments as they are enough in the current world. Therefore, the solution is with the blockchain.

For instance, big names are missing in the tournament this time around, the likes of Italy, Holland, The USA, Ghana and many others that have been dominant in the world of football. Many other teams are making their debuts in the tournament like Panama and Iceland.

What is the Best Channel to the Top?

They say one can’t use the same old style to beat the enemy always. The point is that the teams absent were not eliminated just because of the poor game that they drew or lost but rather their sports infrastructure that is outdating and relying more on older players.

Some banking brands are testing the blockchain (American Express and Santander) which have both adopted Ripple and therefore they believe others are trailing to these banks as they are slow in adopting the blockchain technology. Those experimenting blockchains attract more and have a system that efficient.

Tradition is not enough to steer it the success but technology will. Ask the country of Iceland and how they overtook the likes of Italy. Therefore, Ripple believes it is only through technology that the global financial advancements will be achieved. Blockchain was once nice to have but then it has turned into a must-have for the payments.

Ignoring emerging entrants is not an option. Ripple is simply trying to make a point that it’s all between innovation and preparation. It points out that the financial industry has to adopt the blockchain technology and not only by just experimenting but rather part of the portfolio. Maybe this is Ripple’s looking of the World Cup and selling the whole idea of innovation and preparation.

But then from that whole experience who knows whether they might be having some good sentiment after all.

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