First VW Featuring IOTA Technology To Be Released Early Next Year

Speculation has been rife recently on when the Volkswagen powered by IOTA would be expected to hit the roads.

The German car automaker has since confirmed rumors that it expects to have the protocol ready and available for its customers in early 2019. This then means that the first Volkswagen product to use IOTA’s Tangle is expected to be released early in the coming year.

During the CEBIT 2018 show held in Hannover several days ago, A Proof-of-Concept (PoC) proposing how Tangle technology can be integrated into Volkswagen’s vehicles had been jointly published by the IOTA Foundation and VW.

One of the major area that both the companies were looking at is how to use Tangle as a means to transfer software updates to Volkswagen’s autonomous vehicles wirelessly. This is according to the PoC as well as a panel discussion held at the show.

Tangle technology

A Volkswagen’s spokesman revealed that Tangle is initially going to be used as part of the Volkswagen Connect feature. This will enable individual drivers to check how many miles their cars have cloaked.

Tangle’s technology is slightly different from that of the blockchain. Whereas blockchain is constituted of blocks, Tangle is built on a direct acyclic graph (DAG). This is a topological ordered system in which different types of transactions are run on coincidentally on different chains on the network.

Unique Asset

Currently, IOTA represents one of the most unique assets in the market as a result of its DAG’s Tangle. The block-less technology enables ‘s IOTA to demonstrate the potential it has in the internet of things (IOT) and thereby promoting it as the economic ecosystem of the future.

IOTA was behind the launch of the first digital currency charging station for electric cars that was launched in the Netherlands a few months ago. The project is based on Tangle.

It is such development that made Volkswagen realize the great potential that Tangle held.

A recent report stated that IOTA may be integrated into a Mobility as a service (MaaS) system. Following the partnership with Volkswagen, the system would use its distributed ledger technology for planning trips, payment services as well as bookings in the smart vehicle ecosystem.

Little development

There has been very little development coming from the joint partnership of the two companies since the announcement of their coming together back in February. Last week’s announcement has been the first substantial development since the one in at the Bosch Connected World summit four months ago.

Volkswagen revealed that it was considering using Tangle to for feeless transaction in addition to autonomously set prices set as per demand levels. This was according to the company’s Chief Digital Officer, Johann Jungwirth.

Jungwirth has been sitting on the IOTA’S board of supervisors since joining it towards the end of January.

Volkswagen has decided to remain mum about the plans for Tangle integration. It was IOTA’S co-founded Dominik Schiener, who was the first to let the cat out of the bag, and disclosing when the first IOTA -powered product would be launched.

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