More Women Charging Forward In The Cryptocurrency Industry

Even though the cryptocurrency is seemingly more-friendly to women than the Silicon Valley, the number is still not convincing.

The number of women making headlines in the blockchain industry is rising. In fact, the number is alleged to have doubled in the last six months. As per a recent survey conducted by CityAm, there are more than double the number of women considering investments in cryptocurrencies than there was at the end of last year.

Kathleen Breit, the CEO of Tezos coin has become one of the most influential people in the industry. She is one of the original co-founders of the biggest initial coin offerings (ICOs) which has more than $230 million for funding.

Women Executives

Coinbase has been appointing a number of female C-level executives recently. Some such as Bancor’s Galia Bernartzi, Quorum’s Amber Baldet, Elizabeth Stark of Lightning Labs, and many others are rising to the top of the crypto space.

Another market research was conducted in the U.K by the London Block Exchange (LBX). It revealed that one in eight women (13%) are considering investing in cryptocurrencies. This compares to just 6% at the beginning of the year. Among the younger generation, the figure rises slightly to one in five women (20%).

The survey also helped discover that interest among the male investors has leveled. Interestingly, there was no major growth from the male pool, meaning that women are considered the growing audience for the cryptocurrency.

That notwithstanding, a New York Times report in February, estimated that the number of women makes up only 4% to 6% of all the investors in the blockchain industry. Innovators and users of blockchain and cryptocurrency make up a small percentage as well. Even though the number of women may have doubled recently, they still remain just a small fraction of the total market’s participants.

Where Are The Women

Questions have been raised as to what has been keeping women out of the crypto industry.

The VP of Operations at Constellation Labs, Emily Arth holds the view that the blockchain’s gender imbalance has deep-seated cultural roots. She states that women do not see themselves, let alone, being seen by the men, as being welcome to or capable of thriving in certain industries.

She went on to explain that from a young age, little girls are taught that technology and science are boy jobs. Hence, the same is reflected adult working life.

Moreover, financial matters, be it at the household level or even in Wall Street has been commonly regarded as a man’s job. It is then no surprise that women are missing in the cryptocurrency environment.


However, all is not lost, some women have made their way in the cryptocurrency space. The said women are even encouraging others to join. COO of NYIAX, Caroline Abenante advised women to take the leap and apply suggesting that this was a new industry and their skill set is transferable.

Joanna Pawluk, CEO of Orion Vault went further to affirm that she doe does not see hostility towards women, rather the opposite in Crypto Valley as women are well respected and treated equally.

Last month, there was a conference in New York which brought together women from around the world. Even though the main agenda was on business and blockchain, the event even attracted prominent female politicians.

This may be a sign that more and more women are eyeing the cryptocurrency industry with the intention to invest in it.

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