Seven Stars Cloud Group Inc (NASDAQ:SSC) To Redefine & Reorganize Its Product Strategy With 4+4+4 Cloud Matrix Update

Seven Stars Cloud Group Inc (NASDAQ:SSC) recently revealed a detailed overview it is planning to redefine and reorganize its product strategy with the 4+4+4 Cloud Matrix update. The company provided a detailed and streamlined framework and model of operations for trading, monetization and product categories.

Update To Include 4 Products Categories

The company uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain-based trading platform for transforming traditional financial markets into the asset digitalization era. With its latest update, 4+4+4 Cloud Matrix the company aims to make massive changes in its product categories, strategy and managerial configuration, which are applied to the Trading ecosystem and Digital Asset Product Sales of the company. According to reports, 4+4+4 will include 4 Products Categories trading on 4 Platforms & Exchanges. 4 Global Partner Networks will distribute and monetize these products categories.

The products in these categories belong to new financial assets finding usage in storing value, application of platform-based transactions, transaction incentivization, general payments, and supply chain transactions.

SSC Announce JV With C4DR

The Chinese company has entered into a joint venture with the Center for Digital Revolution (, with the aim to introduce highest standards of issuance, sales and distribution of digital assets across Mainland Europe and U.K. Headed by the CEO, Eric Van der Kleij, Chairman of Keybox, the distributed vault for digital assets and the Honorary Chairman of the Global Entrepreneur Program Advisory Group of UK, the main focus of the JV will be to develop and execute highest level of compliance and institution-grade.

While talking about the joint venture, Kleij said that in the last 10 years there has been a rapid development of Blockchain/DLT and Artificial Intelligence due to which a large number of startups and corporations have started conducting experiments and pilot-tests to get a better insight about the potential of this breakthrough technology. According to him, 2018 is the year when the major financial institutions of the world started adopting these technologies seriously and the professional adoption of these technologies has led to the creation of tokenized digital assets.

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