Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) Introduces New Products Competing With Intel And Nvidia

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) recently showcased its next-generation CPU and GPU products at Computex, 2018. With the unveiling of the new computer and graphics chips, the company targets corporate data centers. This move seems to take the battle right at Nvidia’s and Intel’s doorstep.

Shaking Intel And Nvidia

Intel is said to concur the highest stake of the growing market for high-end server chips, whereas, Nvidia is currently leading the machine learning processors’ market. At the same event, Computex, 2018, Intel had a demo of its 28 core-processor running on at 5 Gigahertz taking the lead albeit, holding on to the lead for just a few hours. Several hours after, AMD unveiled a 32 core processor.

Being The First

The company unveiled the world’s first 7nm graphics processing unit (GPU) together with the new 32 core Ryzen Threadripper processor through a live stream. The 7nm AMD Radeon Vega GPU is made specifically for servers and workstations. Additionally, the new upscale Radeon RX Vega 56 and 64 Nano graphics cards stand a high chance to enhance the company’s competitive edge over Nvidia’s Ge Force GTX 1080 and 1070 that was launched last year. However, gamers are eagerly waiting for Nvidia’s much-hyped GeForce GTX 11 Series graphics card.

The graphics chip which uses Vega architecture is already being sampled by customers.

High End

The new 32 core Threadripper that is currently the highest-end chip is powered by a 12nanometer Zen+ process technology. It is scheduled to debut during the third quarter of 2018 while Intel plans to launch its 28 core-processor towards the end of the year.

AMD’s Radeon based RX Vega56 graphics card was also show-cased on Samsung’s 80” QLED TV. The company said it can run on an equipped PC or with Microsoft’s MSFT Xbox One S or even Xbox One gaming console. The technology is designed for tear-free smooth gameplay.

Rome is an EPYC processor that was also demonstrated. However, the processor which also runs on the 7nm technology is being tested and the company plans in 2019.

AMD is increasingly gaining the position of a major player in the GPU market despite starting small as well as entering the market late. It has gradually been building itself since targeting the low-end segment.

The high growth rate in the gaming hardware market is positively driving the demand for graphics processors. The GPU market is projected to reach $157.1 billion in the next four years, according to Allied Market Research.

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