Social Reality Inc (NASDAQ:SRAX) Unveils Digital Marketing Tool For The Auto Sector

The new auto vertical offering of Social Reality Inc (NASDAQ:SRAX) has been launched. Known as SRAXauto the tool is used in data and digital marketing management with a focus on the auto sector. The tool is thus made with the aim of reaching and revealing valuable auto audiences to the benefit of both auto makers as well as auto dealers.

According to the chairman and chief executive officer of SRAX, Christopher Miglino, the company’s vertical strategy has proven to be successful and SRAXauto is the latest evidence of that. With the intelligent tools that are provided by SRAXauto, it is now possible for auto dealers and manufacturers to target as well as reach customers not just at auto shows and at dealerships but also on computing devices. This is achieved through precision audience building which ensures that highly engaged auto intenders are identified and targeted on their way to purchase.

Various features

Some of the features of SRAXauto include CarTRAX which uses a combination of cookies, timely intent data and the device IDs of previous car buyers. The CarTRAX Loyalty feature delivers digital adverts to a list of car buyer and lease data that is matched while the ShowTRAX feature engages attendees at car shows and drive events. CarTRAX Direct on the other hand uses data obtained from direct mail programs with a view to reaching auto intenders online.

With the DealerTRAX feature visitors of specified dealerships are tracked and targeted while the TestDriveTRAX feature is useful as a tool for targeting test drivers upon leaving the location of a dealer. As the name suggests Lease&LoanTRAX makes brand targeting possible when a loan or a lease is about to end.

Blockchain Identification Graph

Three months ago the alpha version of BIG – Blockchain Identification Graph was released to a limited group. At the time Miglino stated that the platform would bring benefits to all internet users while the company’s advertising clients would also get to enjoy various advantages. For consumers the platform will give them the ability of data verification with a view to managing their data themselves. Per the chief operating officer of SRAX, Kristoffer Nelson, BIG will serve as a transparent data exchange which will offer audiences access without compromising security.

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